Fixyfood gound coffee

Fixyfood gound coffee Fixyfood gound coffee Fixyfood gound coffee Fixyfood gound coffee Fixyfood gound coffee

Carefully selected from the well-done coffee beans of Cầu Đất area in Đà Lạt highland, Fixy's ground coffee always create the special differences for coffee belovers who adore the plain tast of pure coffee, either made with traditional filters of espresso machines, either with condense milk, milk, sugar or without..

Just selected coffee beans, with no chemical or flavor additions, Fixy's coffee experts create coffee cups with distinct fragrants, taste and the unforgettable brown color  of the coffee blend from Arabica, Robusta, and Cherry beans and differrent roasting temperatures for each type to produce the special Fixyfood coffee brand like no other.

Each of fixy's coffee beans has to pass strict chalenges from planting, growing, cultivating, drying and selecting to drip down those pure and subtle brown drops.

Having time or in a hurry, you should enjoy our coffee differently. Time gives you the chance to beheld the coffee fragrant that slightly adds some chocolate smell to your mind, and the smooth bitter that getting sweet to your palate. If you have no time to linger around, make quick coffee with more amount of water just to ease your thirst and coffee desire.

Falling in love to this drink, anyone can say to others, that in a world however in rush, you can always have time for a cup of coffee.

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Weight: 500 g
Price: 145.631đ