Magnolia Balansae Seeds

Magnolia Balansae Seeds Magnolia Balansae Seeds Magnolia Balansae Seeds Magnolia Balansae Seeds Magnolia Balansae Seeds

Magnolia Balansae Seeds is the seeds of Magnolia Balansae trees and is one of the most unique spices of people in the Northwest mountains of Vietnam. The seeds have a special aroma. From long time ago, the Northwestern Vietamese people have used the seeds as spices in dipping or dressing sources and spicing their traditional dishes.

Magnolia Balansae Seeds are known to many people, but among them the seeds’ usages are still widely unknown. This article introduces you to the usages of these forest seeds and how to prepare them.

What is Magnolia Balansae?

Magnolia Balansae trees are tall and straight. They have few branches and leaves. In Vietnam, there are 2 types such trees, those giving black but not aromatic seeds (this type has no value) and those with black ad very aromatic seeds (this type has high value).

In addition, the two types can be distinguished in the following way:

Those that have small seeds: the seeds are small, often uneven, some are tiny, some are only equal to corn kernels. The seeds are usually yellow and black. This variety is extremely aromatic, favorable to many people. This variety is rare, higher I price, known locally as “Dổi nếp.”

Those that have larger seeds: Large seeds are black, not as fragrant as small ones. If you smell the big seeds you will find it quite unpleasant. Large seeds are less favorable, ofte sold in bigger quantity but lower price. This variety is called by local villagers “Dổi tẻ.”

Usage of Magnolia Balansae Seeds

As said, the forest seeds are used as a spice in daily foods by the Northwestern people of Vietam.

To use the seeds as spice, roast them, crush, then you can mix them with fish sauce or salt or add chili.

Besides, the seeds are used to marinate grilled meats, and to make smoked meats (such as smoked buffalo meat, beef) and even to use in sausages.

How to prepare the seeds

Magnolia Balansae Seeds are not difficult to prepare, even very simple, but if not done properly, your efforts may become useless.

Processing of Magnolia Balansae Seeds

When buying the seeds, you will be instructed to roast them till they give good fragrant before grinding them. However, many people do not aware that they should roast them directly on charcoal or on fire, not on frying pans. Here are some simple tips:

Method one: Roast the seeds on burning charcoal. When roasting, use chopsticks to pinch the seeds and roast them a short time until the seeds turn brown and give out fragrant. Do not let the seeds burnt.

Method two: Roast the seeds on gas stove fire. This way is probably more appropriate, because nowadays most people use gas stoves.

Method three: Roast the seeds with a microwave oven. This procedure is very fast, only takes 1 or 2 minutes depending on the oven setting. When using microwave, just make sure the seeds are doe enough and not over burnt.

How to preserve Magnolia Balansae Seeds:

After processing the seeds, you should place the seeds in a glass jar or airtight plastic container. Do not store seeds in a refrigerator, only keep them in a well-ventilated, dry place.

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